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Krauthammer’s Take: With Paul Leading House, Future of Republican Party ‘Extremely Bright’

Thanks to a talented slate of young presidential candidates and the youngest speaker of the House in 150 years, the future of the Republican Party is “extremely bright,” Charles Krauthammer said tonight on Fox News’s Special Report

“This is a guy who knows his stuff,” Krauthammer said. “Does he have the skills of a speaker? I think he does. He could be the most talented politician in the House.”

“The most important thing that happened today, when he essentially said ‘We are going to abolish the past, we are not going to look at it, it’s over and we’re not going to examine it,’” Krauthammer continued. “The generational change; I mean it’s striking, the youngest speaker in 150 years.”

“Look at the stage last night for the Republicans trying to be president,” he said. “A very young field relatively speaking. Imagine one of them in the White House and Ryan in the House, the future of the GOP, which has been — its obituary has been written 10 times in the last six months — I think actually could be extremely bright.” 

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