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Krauthammer’s Take: Russia Helping ISIS Regain Lost Territory in Syria

Charles Krauthammer said tonight that Russia is attacking U.S.-backed forces in Syria, effectively helping ISIS regain previously lost territory. 

“They’ve been attacking the forces, anti-ISIS, anti-Assad forces, our clients, our people, they’ve been attacking them from the air,” Krauthammer said on Friday’s Special Report. “And as a result, ISIS has expanded into the suburbs of Aleppo, taken them over, this is territory they had lost before, as a direct result of the Russian attacks on the non-jihadist Taliban.”

“They’re working hand in glove,” he continued. “They want to divide Syria between Assad and ISIS and say to the world, ‘you’ve got no choice.’”

“Obama has washed his hands – if you pronounce an area a quagmire, that means you’re out and that’s what Obama has done,” he said. 

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