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Krauthammer’s Take: The Secret Service Is ‘Absolutely Out of Control,’ and It’s No Surprise

The Secret Service is “absolutely out of control,” says Charles Krauthammer. “The first instinct of the Secret Service when there is a breach, when they have a failure . . . is to diminish civil liberties of tourists walking outside the gates. The problem is not outside the gate, it is inside the gates.”

The Secret Service’s failures are only consequences of a larger problem, though, Krauthammer said on Special Report. There is a “culture in Washington where no one is accountable for anything. You say the words, ‘I am accountable, I am responsible,’ and nothing happens to you. Anybody who says in a hearing, ‘I take the full responsibility,’ ought to be required by law to resign within the hour. That’s what it means that ‘I take responsibility.’”

“Time after time — with the VA scandal, with the rollout of Obamacare, with what happened in Benghazi — people say, ‘I am accountable,’ and nothing happens to them,” Krauthammer said. “If you’re accountable, if you say the words, you’re gone.”

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