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Krauthammer’s Take: Senate ‘Torture Report’ Will Alienate Much-Needed Allies

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the enhanced interrogation techniques used against terrorists following the September 11 attacks in 2001 — the so-called “torture report” — is expected to be released on Tuesday, and it will have serious effects on American security, says Charles Krauthammer.

“What intelligence service abroad is going to help us when they are going to be exposed and pilloried around the world?” Krauthammer asked. “We’re going to lose all [of our human intelligence]. We’re not going to have any allies around the world. And because we have so little human intelligence, as a result of a drone program that kills our enemy and never captures him — nobody’s gone to Guantanamo in the six years of the Obama administration — we rely on the eyes or ears of other allies.”

Krauthammer concluded: “Who are going to help us after this? Nobody.”

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