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Krauthammer’s Take: Snowden’s Actions ‘Traitorous’

Dr. Charles Krauthammer blasted National Security Agency (NSA) leaker Edward Snowden, declaring his actions traitorous in the wake of new disclosures about the size, scope, and capabilities of U.S. spying agencies.

“It’s criminal and it’s traitorous,” Krauthammer said on Special Report. “You could argue on the [disclosures of the NSA’s domestic surveillance capabilities], well, the guy was trying to protect individual rights. He thought there was a violation of the Fourth Amendment so he blew a whistle on [them]. There is nothing in [the new disclosure] that is a way of protecting American rights.”  

Earlier on Thursday, the Washington Post released information from the so-called “black budget” for fiscal year 2013, the 178-page Congressional Budget Justification for the National Intelligence Program.

Krauthammer declared that if the Post had printed the entire budget, it would’ve been “the worst leak in American history,” and stated that China and Russia must surely have all of the information. 

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