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Krauthammer’s Take: So What if Christie Knew about Lane Closures?

David Wildstein, the Port Authority official who oversaw the George Washington Bridge lane closures, wrote in a letter today that Governor Chris Christie knew about the closures when they were happening. “So what if he knew?” Charles Krauthammer asked on tonight’s Special Report. “Everyone in New Jersey knew. It was on the news.”

What matters is not whether Christie knew about the closures, but whether he ordered the closures, Krauthammer said. “There’s nothing in the letter that says that Christie had knowledge of how and why, or that he gave the order, or that he knew that the order had come out of his office,” Krauthammer said.

What’s most interesting about the Wildstein letter is not necessarily the content, but the timing. “Here we are, two days before the Super Bowl, in New Jersey, first time,” Krauthammer said. “It’s a place where Christie can appear on the scene, look like he’s in charge, look as if he’s got all this behind him, and the lawyer releases the letter precisely on the eve of the big day to ruin him.”

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