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Krauthammer’s Take: Supreme Court Probably Won’t Overturn Illinois Union-Dues Mandate

If the Supreme Court rules that people cannot be forced to join unions, it “would be a blow to organized labor from which they would not recover,” Charles Krauthammer said.

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments today on Harris v. Quinn, in which the state of Illinois is arguing that a woman, Pamela Harris, qualifies as a government worker because she receives Medicaid funding to help her care for her disabled son. As a state worker, Illinois argues, Harris should be forced to pay dues to a health-care-workers’ union.

“[Unions] know that it’s the power of the state that keeps them going, and in the absence of it they really are looking at ruin,” Krauthammer said, “which is probably why I guess the Supreme Court is not going to overturn this. It is really quite loath to overturn longstanding arrangements.”

“I suspect they are going to look for a way to be less sweeping in their ruling,” Krauthammer concluded.

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