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Krauthammer’s Take: Tea Party, Republican Integration ‘Relatively Successful’

At the five-year anniversary of the creation of the Tea Party, Charles Krauthammer reflected on its relationship with the Republican party, saying that the Tea Party “has been a very positive influence.”

“The power [of the Tea Party], I think, is one that could have easily remained outside the Republican tent,” Krauthammer said, arguing that the integration of the left-wing radicals into the Democratic party in the 1960s was unsuccessful and caused Democrats to lose the 1968 and ’72 elections.

Ultimately, disagreements on the right are tactical, not about principles, Krauthammer said.

“I think there has been a relatively successful integration even though there’s a lot of complaints inside the party,” he said. “The idea of smaller government, less regulation, less taxation, is in the Reagan tradition.”

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