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Krauthammer’s Take: ‘Tide of War is Rising, America is Receding’


John Kerry today, on a visit to Baghdad, chastised Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki for allowing Iran to use Iraqi airspace to access and aid the Syrian regime.

“Does he think Maliki is in the third grade?” Charles Krauhammer asked on tonight’s edition of Special Report. “It isn’t as if Maliki isn’t aware of what he’s doing, he is of course. The story is that the secretary of state is representing a country which has been in retreat from Iraq, Obama made a decision there would be no residual American military in Iraq, which essentially meant that we would have zero influence, and we have zero influence, and that’s why Assad is doing what he’s doing.” 

Krauthammer argued that President Obama is mistaken in his assessment that the tide of war is receding. “The tide of war is rising, America is receding, it is irrelevant, and that’s the story of [Kerry’s] visit.”

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