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Krauthammer’s Take: Trump’s ‘Winking and Nodding,’ Urging Fans to Rough up Protesters

The left’s tactic of using protest to shutdown speech is not unique to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, it’s an outgrowth of progressive campus activism, Charles Krauthammer said tonight.

“The left acts in a totalitarian way to control who speaks,” Krauthammer said on Monday’s Special Report. “That’s a phenomenon that should be condemned. Trump and the supporters, who are the victims here, are not to be blamed.”

“There’s a second phenomenon here … you get Trump winking and nodding saying, you know, ‘in the old days we carried them out on a stretcher,’ meaning we used to beat people like that until they weren’t able to walk,” he said. ”We saw a guy on tape sucker punching a demonstrator in the face, and saying, ‘if we see him again, we may have to kill him.’ That’s lynch talk.”

“When asked about it, Trump said ‘I don’t condone it,” Krauthammer continued. ”That’s great. But he refused to condemn it. And that I think is really unconscionable.” 

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