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Krauthammer’s Take: Under Obama, ISIS Has Created Largest Terror-Training State in History

Under President Obama’s leadership, ISIS has created a terrorist-training proto-state bigger than anything in the history of the world, Charles Krauthammer charged tonight.

“We just learned today, we did not even flatten the oil facilities of ISIS, because it would harm the environment,” Krauthammer said on Wednesday’s Special Report on Fox News. “I mean, we’re not asking a lot of the president; we’re simply asking what the French president asked for, a modicum or urgency, a modicum of commitment, and it has never been there and it isn’t there now and it’s not going to happen between now and the day he leaves office.”

“He came into office determined to abolish the War on Terror,” Krauthammer continued. “He wouldn’t allow the term …Then he said in several speeches, we cannot continue with endless war because the damage it does to the fabric of our society. As if, like King Canute, he can order the war to stop; wars end when either one side is defeated or the other side stops, the other side is not stopping.”

Unlike al Qaeda, Krauthammer said, ISIS recruits people of all races and faiths into their terror-training nexus, which is what makes them uniquely dangerous:

Under Obama’s tenure, al Qaeda, which is sort of international terrorism jihadist terrorism, has expanded to the point where a branch, ISIS is essentially a branch, is the largest training camp for terrorism in the history of the world. It’s the size of the UK. It trains Europeans — unlike al Qaeda, which was using only people of its own ethnic group. Arab, Saudis, Egyptians. It trains westerners, it sends them into the West. That’s why everyone is afraid. Paris showed what they’re capable of doing. We know that they’ve been doing it for years. Obama has not been moved one way or the other. To do anything serious. He wouldn’t even hit the oil facilities.

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