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Krauthammer’s Take: ‘The United States Has Essentially No Cards to Play in Ukraine’

Currently, only 33 percent of Americans approve of President Obama’s foreign policy, according to a new Fox News poll, a drop that “is well earned,” Charles Krauthammer said.  “You look anywhere in the world — Russia, China, Ukraine, the Middle East, Syria, anywhere — and our standing is lower than it was when he came into office.”

However, ignoring Obama’s foreign policy mistakes, simply looking ahead, Krauthammer said, “The United States has essentially no cards to play in Ukraine, so I wouldn’t blame the President for not having sort of forced or made Putin reconsider the occupation.”

There is really only one option going forward, according to Krauthammer. “All that we can do, I think, is to reassure the NATO nations who are on the border of Ukraine . . . that we are not going to allow an intrusion into NATO,” he said.

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