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Krauthammer’s Take: We Must Make Putin Recaculate the Cost of Invading the Rest of Ukraine

“Putin has on the border of Ukraine 20,000 troops, artillery, and attack helicopters, and we are now going to give the Ukrainians what, recoilless tuna sandwiches?” Krauthammer said on Special Report tonight.

The U.S. has denied Ukraine’s request for weapons, sending the threatened country rations instead, as Russia sits on its doorstep. As Putin decides what to do next, Krauthammer recommends sending Ukraine weapons immediately.

Putin “has to calculate: is it going to be worth an invasion?” Krauthammer said. “In that calculation you want to inject the fact that the Ukrainians are not going to sit by as in the Crimea.” Armed with U.S. weapons, the rest of Ukraine may be out of Putin’s reach, for now. But absent the weapons, we “are not giving [Putin] anything to alter his calculation,” Krauthammer said, “and that’s the scandal about our inaction.”

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