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Krauthammer’s Take: What Cosmos are Obama and Kerry Living in?

At an impromptu press conference today, President Obama spoke about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “The way that some of this has been reported, suggestions somehow that the Russian actions have been clever strategically,” he said, “I actually think that this has not been a sign of strength.”

Charles Krauthammer could not disagree more. “Let’s review,” he said. “Putin has taken over the Crimean peninsula. . . . He regains it without a shot fired in anger, without any consequences yet. I don’t think there are going to be any that are really going to hurt him. The Europeans are resisting any real sanctions. . . . He’s destabilized a regime in Ukraine that is intensely anti-Russian. He’s sitting in a seat where everybody has to come to him, holding a lot of cards, and it’s not clever?”

“When Obama says, and Kerry also did in Kiev, that this is a sign of weakness and not strength,” Krauthammer said, “you’ve got to wonder what cosmos our president and secretary of state are living in.”

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