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Krauthammer’s Take: ‘Where Is the Air Campaign?’

“Where is the air campaign?” Charles Krauthammer wants to know. “Where are the B-2s? Where are the B-52s? Where is the concentrated air campaign that could actually drive ISIS back? It is nowhere to be seen.”

“There’s this argument that we keep having,” said Krauthammer on Monday’s Special Report, “[about] whether we should have boots on the ground or not. That is totally irrelevant. Obama is not going to do it. He certainly isn’t going to do it with a month to go until Election Day.”

The real question, said Krauthammer, is, “Are we going to have a serious air campaign or not? It looks as if Obama is not serious about this at all.”

Krauthammer noted that “when you look at the Afghan campaign, the first 73 days, we dropped over 17,000 ordnances.” The U.S. has dropped less than 1000 bombs in the campaign against the Islamic State. Meanwhile, “Kobani is hanging in the balance; Baghdad is under indirect fire, car bombs; [and] we just heard [General Martin] Dempsey say that ISIS was twelve miles away from taking the Baghdad airport.”

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