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Krauthammer’s Take: ‘Where Was the Commander-in-Chief For All of This?’

Charles Krauthammer discussed today’s House Oversight Committee hearing on the Benghazi attack on tonight’s edition of Special Report, arguing that the key question left unasked and unanswered remains where the president was as events unfolded. 

“Where was the commander-in-chief in all of this? The one man who could authorize and order troops to move above everybody and instantly is the commander-in-chief. Where was he for these hours when the fight was raging? Has anybody asked that? Has anybody answered that?”

Krauthammer also said that it’s clear now the State Department’s job in the wake of the attack was to cover for the administration, and that if any intimidation of officials occurred — and whistleblower Gregory Hicks alleges — that in itself is evidence of a cover-up on the part of the administration. 

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