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Krauthammer’s Take: White House’s Handling of Bergdahl ‘a Joke’

The Obama administration “should try telling the truth” on the Bowe Bergdahl exchange rather than constantly changing its stories and hurting their own cause, Charles Krauthammer recommended on Monday’s Special Report. Krauthammer, who supports the decision to bring back Bergdahl, said the White House’s handling of the situation has made it harder for even him to swallow.

“That’s why even people who would have done the swap like me are simply disgusted and appalled by the way they have handled it,” he explained, noting that the administration has “invented” that Bergdahl was deathly ill, or would be killed by the Taliban, among other pretexts. “They’re trying to find reasons to justify it, other than saying, ‘We made a bad deal, one that injures the country, but we felt we had an overwhelming obligation to spring this last guy’ — that’s the argument, there’s no other argument.”

Among the misfires by the administration, Krauthammer characterized Secretary of State John Kerry’s “bravado” that the five released Taliban leaders would be carefully monitored by the Qatari government as “a joke,” and called President Obama’s “Rose Garden stunt” with Bergdahl’s parents “simply appalling.”

​”Why not just say the truth? ‘It was a hard deal, a difficult deal, a repulsive deal, but we did it,’” he said.

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