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Krauthammer’s Things That Matter Nears a Million Copies in Print

After just two and a half months since its release, there are nearly a million copies of Charles Krauthammer’s Things That Matter in print. The book — which has been on the New York Times hardcover nonfiction bestseller list for ten weeks, eight as No. 1 – covers three decades of Krauthammer’s writings on issues ranging from entitlement reform to embryo research.

Carisa Hays, vice president and executive director of publicity for the book’s publisher, Crown Forum, an imprint of Random House, told National Review Online that, with 970,000 currently in print, she expects the book will hit the 1 million mark soon. “There’s no end in sight in terms of books sales,” she says. “It just continues.”

Krauthammer will be promoting his book throughout the country over the next several months, starting his tour with appearances in Miami, New Orleans, and Atlanta in January.

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