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The Krugman Cat Altitude Index (V. 1.0) Is Here!

We have a prototype and it is excellent! Here is the link to the Krugman Cat Altitude Index (KCI or KCA for short. I prefer KCI).

Now I need to explain a few things. First, if you weren’t here yesterday, the KCI refers to my belief that every time there’s good news about the economy New York Times columnist Paul Krugman kicks his cat across the room. The better the news, the worse it is for poor binky or whiskers, or whatever the feline du jour’s name is (he probably goes through a lot of cats). Incorporating many suggestions from Corner readers, Jeremy Yoder, our unofficial court artist has fashioned the first working version of the KCI.

Now, what you need to take note of are the numbers at the end of the URL: By increasing these numbers — they correspond to the Dow — the cat flies higher. For example, here is the Dow at 5381. And here it is at 6867.

I think this is outstanding work, particularly with such short notice. Please send him congratulations and suggestions for further improvements (if I may be so bold). I hope this will go a long way to furthering my goal: Making the abuse of Paul Krugman’s cat the standard euphemism for the material well-being of our society.

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