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Kudlow, Rasmussen: Why Weekends Exist!

Tomorrow, Radio Free Kudlow will rock the nation’s airwaves as it does every Saturday (find a listing of all stations carrying Larry here, or listen via the web here, or get the podcast here — there are no excuses for not listening!). On the next big broadcast, Larry will be talking to big brains such as NR’s own Bob Costa, William McGurn, Brian Kelly, Mike Ozanian, David Malpas, John Tamny, Steve Moore, James Pethokoukis, and John McIntyre, who’ll be taking on topics such as Obama’s and Romney’s competing videos (47 percent vs. redistribution), whether the White House fibbed about the Libya attacks, the stock market rally, QE3, and the 100-day countdown to Taxmageddon. Listen and learn, my free-market friends.

Meanwhile, our pope of pollsters pal Scott Rasmussen’s new syndicated television program, What America Thinks, will feature Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as its special guest. Scott Ross (of liberal One Wisconsin Now) and conservative strategist Deb Jordahl will hash out the state of Badger State politics, while Kristen Soltis (The Winston Group) and Emily Tisch Sussman (Young Democrats of America) will be debating public-employee pensions. Check here to see if WAT is playing on your area (if not, demand it!).


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