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Kudos For Jack Dunphy

In the LA Times today:

For the past four years, some of the most interesting and artful writing about the LAPD and American policing in general has been done by an LAPD officer who employs the pseudonym “Jack Dunphy” in a regular column for the online edition of the National Review, the country’s oldest and most influential journal of conservative opinion.


Former Police Chief Bernard C. Parks, now a city councilman and mayoral candidate, was a frequent target of Dunphy’s criticism and reportedly was not a fan. At one point, a number of aides unsuccessfully sought the writer’s identity. Current Police Chief Bratton, by contrast, likes what he’s read of Dunphy’s work.

“I wish he’d come forward and identify himself, so I could throw him into my press office,” he said Tuesday. Bratton called Dunphy’s work “extraordinarily thoughtful” and praised the “research, writing and perspective” displayed in the column on Miller’s arrest.

“My sense is that Dunphy reflects in a more articulate and thoughtful way the sentiments of the average L.A. cop,” said Bratton. “Our average officer is a person trying to do good in neighborhoods that, unfortunately, are among the most dangerous in America for cops. They see a lot of bloodshed, they feel a lot of grief. Then, something like this incident happens and the people in those neighborhoods seem to turn on them and their leaders — people like me and Mayor Hahn, who are supposed to protect cops — take a stand that puts them in a quandary.

“Dunphy captures this from the cop’s side and articulates their feelings in a way the average cop can’t,” Bratton said.

The whole article is here, but annoyingly password protected many times over, it seems.


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