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Kum Ba Yah Alert

A reader found this upchuckable “Prayer to End the War Against Iraq” on the literature table at his Catholic parish in Cincinnati. It was distributed by Pax Christi USA, the Catholic leftie group:

Loving God,

We beg your forgiveness for the war the U.S. is waging against the Iraqi

people, for destroying Iraq’s infrastructure by massive bombings, for the

use of highly toxic weapons that contaminate Iraqi land and water and cause

major increases in cancers among children. Forgive us for imposing economic

sanctions that have killed over one million Iraqis, mostly children. Forgive us for placing oil interests above human welfare. Heal us of our moral blindness and fill our hearts with love. Help us to renounce all killing, to stop demonizing our adversaries, to value all life as sacred, and to see the Iraqi people as our brothers and sisters. Empower us to engage in nonviolent action to end this slaughter of the innocents.

O God, make us channels of your peace and reconciliation. Amen.


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