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Meghan, I hear you. Just got back a bit ago from the “Winter Song Festival” at Danny’s elementary

school. It’s hard not to be charmed by a stage full of third graders trying

to simultaneously fidget, pick noses, surreptitiously punch back the kid who

just surreptitiosly punched you, and remember the lyrics to songs. I must

say, though, the decline in the quality of “winter songs” is appalling.

Compare the narrative power and glorious melody of “Good King Wencelas” with

“Happy happy happy, Kwanzaa is here,” or whatever the hell it is. And there

ARE other words that rhyme with “menorah” other than “hora,” you know.

Clement Wood’s COMPLETE RHYMING DICTIONARY lists Angora, Aurora, Bora-Bora,

and a slew of girls’ names. The poverty of imagination and mediocrity of

thought that go into these PC productions are not the worst thing about

them, but they’re pretty close.


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