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Kwixott – The Last Word

From James in Nebraska:

” I ransacked my house this a.m. for John Simon’s Paradigm’s Lost without success so I’ll have to rely on memory. I believe he gave his endorsement to the Funk and Wagnall’s Standard Dictionary of the English Language as the standard for American pronunciation…We have two editions (1945 and 1966) and both agree with you on the English pronunciation of Don Quixote. Interestingly, on foreign words they list the English pronunciation first, followed by the pronunciation in the original language, i.e. as distinct from the English pronunciation. Other examples from the same page: Donizetti (don-ah-zetee, not do-nee-dzetee), Don Juan (don joo-awn), Dordogne (dor-dawny)”

Goool! (as I believe they say in Spain).


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