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On Kyl


Judging by e-mail, people arejust as mad at him as Bush: 

Hello Mr. Lowry: Kyl sold out plain and simple.I am a Republican Party precinct committeeman in southern Arizona. Last year Kyl was in a tough race. Kyl flatly stated that he was against any form of amnesty during the campaign.In fact his Senate website still states the following (in part);  

“Turning a blind eye to illegal immigration, or sanctioning it through amnesty, undermines the rule of law in our country. Amnesty mocks those who wait patiently, sometimes for years, to enter the U.S. through legal channels. It encourages more people to immigrate illegally with the expectation that they, too, might benefit from some future amnesty. Any reform of our nation’s immigration laws should be careful to avoid amnesty by any name.”…