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A La Rechererche Du Temps Perdu

Nothing is forgotten on the internet. A few days ago I posted an idle reminiscence about an incident at a New Rochelle bar I used to patronize (gulp!) 35 years ago.

One night the bartender/owner got into a dispute about something with a very well-oiled customer. The guy left, then came back a half hour later with a (presumably) very well-oiled chain saw, and proceeded to attack the bar with it, to the consternation of us patrons.

Well, someone picked up my post and passed it to a New Rochelle reminiscence website. Back came the answer (post #1540 here).

Jeff Williamson chainsawed the bar, I was there.

There are some follow-up posts: #1541, #1544, #1545, #1549, #1567, and #1568.

So the past is real. In some way.


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