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A Labor Shortage, Apparently

The New York Times reports:

[B]usiness groups are mobilizing for an immigration offensive expected to kick into high gear by August.

“The business community is solidly behind this — small business, large business, the chamber, the Business Roundtable, you name it, they’re all solidly in,” said Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona and an author of the bill approved by the Senate last month. “We need them to weigh in, very frankly, on this issue, because we advertise ourselves as the party of business. Perhaps they can have some effect.”

In a meeting on Tuesday with seven of the eight senators who drafted the original bill and members of various advocacy groups, a frustrated Mr. McCain took business to the woodshed. Their efforts so far to lobby House Republicans, he explained in a stern tone, have not been sufficient. Their side is losing the battle to define the message, he said, and the next few months, including the August recess, will make or break the immigration effort….

In a broad immigration overhaul, businesses desire an injection of highly skilled workers… [and] an expanded pool of lower skilled but energetic immigrants…

Because, of course, there are hardly any unemployed Americans who fit those descriptions.         

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