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Lamont stumbles

Good news from the Washington Post:

Lamont’s primary victory drew national attention, but momentum in the Senate race began to change that night. Lieberman used his concession speech to launch his independent campaign, with a fierce blast at the partisan gridlock that has gripped Washington and a vow to use the general election to reverse the outcome of that day’s balloting.

Lamont appeared at his victory celebration flanked by Jesse L. Jackson and Al Sharpton. The two had helped by campaigning with him in black churches, but their presence on the stage reinforced Lamont’s liberal credentials at a moment when many Democrats were urging him to broaden his appeal to the moderate and independent voters he would need in the general election.

There followed a series of missteps. Lamont, who had run a skillful, grass-roots primary campaign, left for vacation and his campaign immediately began to flounder.


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