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Lance Lanced

It may be a fine newspaper, but the Wall Street Journal can, occasionally, be a little harsh. In an article (weekend section) on Friday on Hollywood’s increasing use of ‘no name’ actors in blockbuster movies, the newspaper mounted an astonishing attack on the great Lance Henriksen, noting, rather snootily, that Henriksen “recently played Garbageman in the straight-to-video insect thriller Mimic 3,” as if this somehow signified ‘no name’ status and thus disqualification for a lead role in the latest Alien movie.

Well, first off, there is absolutely nothing wrong with straight-to-video insect movies, a respected genre, even if I can’t, ahem, pin down any other examples at this moment. Secondly, as any fule kno, as “Bishop” in two of the earlier movies, Henriksen (also the star of the much-missed Millennium) has strong Alien credilility.

He will do splendidly.</p


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