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Land of Enchantment, and Difficulty

Today, I’ve been hearing from a fair number of New Mexicans, owing to a piece on the homepage: a profile of New Mexico governor Susana Martinez, published in a recent National Review. One correspondent cites General Lew Wallace, who was governor of the New Mexico territory in the late 1870s and early 1880s: “All calculations based on experience elsewhere, fail in New Mexico.”

It’s true that New Mexico is a poor and trouble-filled state. In my opinion, the Left has a lot to answer for (as it does the world over). I also think the state’s problems can be licked with the right kind of leadership.

Incidentally, Wallace, while governing the territory, wrote Ben-Hur. And what have you been doing lately? The Lew Wallaces of the world tend to make me feel like a sloth.


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