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Saturday morning, the grass can wait, because The Larry Kudlow Show will have the nation’s airwaves agog with scintillating wisdom and aged-provolone-sharp analysis of things political and financial. On tomorrow with Lorenzo will be president-whisperer Newt Gingrich, there to discuss Understanding Trump, followed by health-care gurus Betsy McCaughey and the Heritage Foundation’s Robert Moffit, then cometh the market Wise Men, Jeff Kleintop and my paysan, David Bahnsen, to do their thing, ditto for economists Jimmy Pethokoukis and Steve Moore, and then Larry puts a bow on the entire shebang via a one-on-one gab with Representative Jeb Hensarling. Mackerels of holiness, it is not to be missed (but, if you do, or if you’ve missed any recent episode of TLKS, just circle back to the podcasts, always available here).