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Last Dance

Yesterday was apparently National Dance For Obama Day. In Manhattan it attracted all of twelve dancers . Of course, New York has been devastated by Hurricane Bloomberg, but the attendance in undevastated cities was not much better.  Still, I was sorry to miss it, having spent the last six weeks working on my interpretative dance of the Benghazi attack including an extended seven-hour coolly sensuous samba of the President deciding not to decide to do anything.

By the way, for any members of the Obama Youth Dancers reading this, tomorrow is National Hokey-Pokey For The National Debt Day. Timmy Geithner will put a US Treasury Bond in, Ben Bernanke will put it out, and unionized pom-pom heavies from the SEIU will shake it all about. Meet outside the Federal Reserve, 11am.

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Heckuva Job, Paul and Mitch

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Last year, relations between the Iraqi central government and the Kurds reached what was possibly an all-time low when the Kurds held an independence referendum in which 93 percent of voters opted to secede. The timing was no coincidence: Iraqi forces had retreated from Kurdish territory in 2014 as the Islamic ... Read More