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I sometimes joke that I have a “Death Row meal.” (This is only a partial joke.) In Milwaukee, they have Northpoint Custard, where I get a grilled-cheese sandwich, a vanilla shake, and a Diet Pepsi. (I know, that’s weird.) I’ve mentioned this in columns over the years, and I did again last month. I also said (to readers), “What’s your Death Row meal, or last supper?”

The responses were interesting — and wonderful — and I publish a good number of them in a column today.

Many of the responses were downright mouth-watering. Some were funny. Some were informative. (You can learn about the country, and the world, through food.) Many were moving — which I hadn’t really expected. Readers spoke of their family members, past and present, who cooked, or cook.

One reader actually had the experience of a Death Row meal, or last supper, in a way. This was before a difficult surgery. The meal was had at the Thurman Café, which advertises the “Tastiest Burgers in Columbus, Ohio.”

Again, that column is here. I’ll give you one response that I did not include in the column. It comes from one Kevin D. Williamson, originally of Lubbock, Texas. His Death Row meal? “Beans and cornbread, because I know they have Taco Villa in Heaven.”

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