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Last Night’s Lost *** SPOILERS ***

Okay, so I’ve warmed on it a bit more after sleeping on it, and I thought it was good to begin with. First, here’s my theory. As several folks — most notably JPod — have noted the show seems to have regained its footing. Here’s my theory as to why. They’ve decided to end it. As discussed last week, the producers have set a date certain for the end of the show. That allows them to write with a direction and destination in mind which is a lot better and more productive than constantly stringing out unresolved mysteries and cliffhangers.

Still, there was some stuff I didn’t like, chiefly Charlie’s death. Of course, we knew he had to die because it was his destiny etc. And I’m not much chagrined by his departure as I never much liked the character. But why, exactly, did he need to lock himself inside the flooding room rather than close the door from the outside? He surely would have had enough time to get his scuba gear on to live one more day. It seemed forced and a bit stupid to me.

Also, Penny just happened to be by here superduper video phone at precisely the moment the signal goes through? I’m sure they’ll be some “explanation” but I thought a recorded message would have made more sense.

It’s been building for a while of course, but I’m not sure I like the effort to rehabilitate the Others into quasi-good guys, or at least Morally Ambiguous Guys. Of course, moral ambiguity is almost always more realistic because very few people actually decide to be The Villain. But next season promises to have Other-Others, and combined with Jack’s regret about leaving the Island, I fear that we’re going to be led to believe that Ben’s behavior has been somewhat justifiable.

Also, did anyone catch that Jack said his father is alive? And since we know that’s a flash-forward, we may have some major space-time-continuum shenanigans in the works. The only way he can be alive is if in some sort of Star Trek III: The Quest for Spock style nonsense the island can re-animate the dead, which means pretty much no one can die.

Anyway, I do think it was a great cliff hanger and a much-restored Lost last night. I was never as down on it as JPod, but I think there’s a lot of ‘splaining left to do. Tough-minded Lost fans should mount a fan-club with the motto “Nothing is Forgotten.”

Update: About Jack’s Dad, from a reader:

    So you believe strung out Jack when he said that his father is alive

and still a doctor. I believe his father lost his license after

operating on a woman while being drunk.

    Also Jack would not let the pharmacy lady call Christian’s office

because Jack stole the prescription or the office doesn’t exist anymore.

I think it was clear by the expression on the face of the new doctor (Security guy from Las

Vegas) that Jack is off his rocker talking about his dead father like he

was alive.

Just a thought.