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Last Night’s Snoozer

Perhaps I’m over-stimulated, but I thought last night’s Presidential press

conference was a real snoozer. I’m looking at my notes:

“We appreciate the commitment of our allies … We must remain steadfast

… A free Iraq will be a major blow to terrorism … Given a chance, Iraq

will be a free and stable society … It’s important for our soldiers to

know America stands with them … I feel strongly that the course this

administration has taken will make America more secure and the world more


I guess these things need saying, but they slide off the consciousness like

Muzak. Nothing sticks, nothing makes an interesting point. And nobody’s

mind gets changed.

I’m on board with the Iraq war. I’ll be voting for George W. Bush in

November. The petty sniping at the War & at the administration’s

anti-terrorism efforts, the blood-for-oil insinuations, the infantile

sloganeering — “Bush lied,” “Halliburton’s war,” and so on — is

disgraceful. I’m with this guy, I’m on his side. Still, there is just

something about a Bush speech, or news conference, that fails to stir my

blood. I’m sorry, but I think the President is desperately, hopelessly



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