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At Last! The Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology

If you fancy a good laugh in this troubling week, why not check out the newly e-published Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology? It is quite literally beyond parody. The anthology was put together as “part of the amazing collection of the printed word, off the shelves of so many supporters and now sandwiched into a corner of a park housing an occupation to challenge the money state, based just two blocks away on the Street named after a Wall built centuries ago by slaves to hold back the Native Americans who were the first people displaced from this Island to make way for today’s overstuffed and over unused courtiers of commerce.” Rest assured, though, that OWS has “no headliners or special privileges but rather presume[s] the equality of each poet’s voice.” Thank goodness; quality control is for fascists.

A few choice excerpts:

This highway will look beautiful it’s fading blur / just like our government would look lovely as it burned.

And who could forget the lovely:

They are like doctors in the death camps: Saving the babies only for them to be Executed later.

Or the beautiful and cogent:

total alimentation articulates our single history―decisive our material arrival at a fruitful marketplace passionate newspaper

The artful:

Demand job security, free health care / Stop the Government’s criminal force. / Establish your freedom without a fear / Chaos brings order to set the right course. / They have money for the useless wars, / But not for education or free medicine. / If you tolerate, things would get worse. / To them taxing the rich friends is a sin.

My favorite, however, is a piece that is too important for punctuation:

It is with the velocity of a giant squid and the sprawl of its erogenous arms that with water-wheels the leverage in any musculoskeletal appendage can move into positions within the time it would take the engine of filaments to accelerate the psychic mass of bodily understanding and construction for such a displacement to continue in different venues and as multiple in purpose as the simple machine of our vessel will allow toward the disappearance of a nexus like in infinite mirror games but with the ability to count each movement of the progression as it acts in mechanical, yet organic, jerking behind the dreamlike animals with their pink illusions that roll their wet bodies into our delicate systems. There. Now we are here. So, let me say if by government you mean bank, then I will agree with you and if you reminisce about the historical mass and its subjective valves of speaking into the romantic motions of people, I will say that has worked with people but what has grown around us like a flesh is not within any subjective register so really, you can’t speak to it because although there is a mass of skin, it is made of machine that not only might laugh but can’t even hear our emotive sentiments

Etc. You can download it for free here.


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