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Last One For a While

From a “reader”:

Mr. Goldberg,

I was initially shocked and surprised at the language and the tone of your article on the NRO titled ‘The Mayflower Gasbag Disaster of 2004′.

But as I read the article i realised that it was not you who was speaking, but the an irresponsible and outrageously arrogant person from the ‘bush’. I must admit that people like you really need to think outside of the bush. Otherwise the nation will be filled with fanatics who cannot even spell the word politics and believe that Iraq is the 55th state of the US. Of course if you claim the present president was democratically elected, I guess you need to go back to school to learn the word ‘democracy’. From his actions and his words, there is not difference between Bush and Saddam. They are made from the same oil and speak the same lanaguage of arrogance and weapons.

I wonder who made you ‘NRO editor-at-large’, it would have better if you were just ‘at large’. Would suit your personality and of course your brains in general. I wonder when people like you would grow up and understand that the ‘gun slinging’ wild west is for the movies and looks good only there, not in the White House for sure. I wonder how would some one react if his daughters were in Iraq………

People like you also need a lesson in humiility (though you have no reason to be arrogant, the word having brains is like an insult to the likes of you).

And finally, to be a ’stooge’ of the government is fine, but then you need not be having a ‘bush’ baby honey.

Hope you realise your responsibility as a journalist before you author such balantly prejudiced and politically motivated articles before. I wonder how much in political gains was given to you as a bribe for this article. Maybe in your next article you can share that with everyone else……

a concerned american.

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