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Last Point On Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan now realizes that his opinion was different than the norm. But the turf he seems to be defending is quicksand. It’s too late and I’m too tired to get into the weeds on it. But he seems to be suggesting that conservatives think Cheney won because they “need” to think that. Andrew quoted the Corner serveral times when we pretty much all agreed that Kerry won the first debate. Now we all pretty much think Cheney won this debate — either by a lot or by a little. But now — without invoking the Corner by name — the argument is that conservatives are merely giving-in to their psychological needs and “Republican bias.” In other words, Kate O’Beirne, Ramesh, Brookhiser, Lowry, myself and others were willing to say the guy at the top of the ticket lost. But we’re too in the tank to admit that Cheney didn’t? I’m sorry, that’s simply not the case here. Cheney won, on substance by a wide margin and politically by a small one. I think he probably lost on points in the second half. But he racked-up enough points in the first half that it didn’t matter. If Cheney looked too tired or too somber, I don’t think anyone but Sullivan noticed or cared. Cheney always looks tired and somber. But, yes, as Andrew says, We’ll see, won’t we?


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