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The Last Star Wars?

What I fear about Revenge of the Sith is that Lucas is lying, or at

least will soon change his mind: This is not the last Star Wars. He

always said he had nine stories, that the saga has three more chapters

that take place after Return of the Jedi. The big problem for him

(and ultimately for the fans) is that the ending of this one is bound

to be a huge downer (unless, as Jonah suggests, Jar Jar gets

Mussolini-ed onscreen) as Anakin becomes Darth and all the Jedi but

Yoda and Obi-wan are killed.

Compare, for example, the ending of the original trilogy, where Darth

shrugs off the power of the Dark Side and saves Luke from the Emperor.

I recently watched it again with my boys, and I have to say, it’s

pretty darn cathartic. I don’t think Lucas will be able to don his

plaid flannel every morning having bummed out an entire generation of

future Jason Apuzzos.

I don’t care if this movie is “good” or not–I already own my

tickets for opening day. It has to be an improvement over Attack of

the Clones, which I called “How a Bill Becomes A Law in Space,” owing

to its multitude of committee scenes. (You can see how Lucas, mired

in endless production meetings, is truly writing what he knows.)

And I apologize to K-Lo, who has now had to hear this conversation twice.

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