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Last Word On S-K

From a reader:

Don’t you have time to get outraged about something a little less trivial than a band who made a stupid decision to ban a stupid T-shirt? And I love how you post the anecdote from the guy who called them “leftist imbeciles” without having any idea whether or not he’s telling the truth. I’ve been to a Sleater-Kinney show and own all their albums, and I’ve never encountered any radical feminists trying to beat me up.

Most of my favorite entertainers and artists are liberal/leftists. Most of them do obnoxious things and aren’t ardent supporters of free speech when they hear opinions that contradict theirs. Big deal. Enjoy the music, ignore the message, and move on. The fact that Sleater-Kinney has political beliefs that don’t necessarily match mine doesn’t mean that they don’t rock–they’ve made some of the best albums of the 90s (just ask Rolling Stone or any credible indie music mag if you’re not convinced.)

Anyway. I still love you and your columns.


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