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The Latest From Abu Ghraib

The Washington Post has another big story about Abu Ghraib. There are some disturbing indications that the abuse might have been more widespread than was first thought, but on the other hand, in important respects, the military’s case that the sickest acts were the work of a few MPs seems to be holding up. Here is a crucial paragraph:

“Some of the photographs support the theory that MPs sought to humiliate prisoners for entertainment. The infamous shots show a naked human pyramid, a hooded man standing on a box and detainees forced to masturbate—acts that apparently were staged to punish prisoners or amuse guards, not specifically to coerce confessions for military intelligence (MI).”

In only one of the pictures that has led to criminal charges are military intelligence personnel present. That is the picture of three naked Iraqi men shackled together. But it is important to note that that abuse apparently had nothing to do with interrogation: The men were being punished for allegedly raping a teenage boy at the prison.

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