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The Latest on the New Black Panther Party and the Obama Administration

For those of you who have followed the story of the unexplained dismissal of the New Black Panther Party voter-intimidation case, Andrew Breitbart has a blockbuster story over at BigGovernment.

Breitbart has turned up photographs taken in Selma, Alabama, in March 2007 of candidate Obama sharing a platform with members of the New Black Panther Party as well as departing with them for the main anniversary march. A photograph shows NBPP chairman Malik Shabazz standing just to the left of Obama, with another New Black Panther in between wearing the same type of black, paramilitary uniform the Panthers wore in Philadelphia on Election Day in 2008 when they were blocking the entrance to a polling place and hurling racial epithets at voters and poll watchers.

Shabazz was one of the defendants whose case was inexplicably dismissed at the orders of higher-ups in the Justice Department after Voting Section lawyer Christian Adams and section chief Christopher Coates had already won the case against him and the other defendants. BigJournalism also has two articles about this well worth perusing, including one on the background of the NBPP and another on the possible collusion between Media Matters and the DOJ on hushing up the NBPP story.

Breitbart points out that the White House has refused to identify the “Malik Shabazz” listed on White House visitor records as having been at the personal residence of the president on July 25, 2009, only two months after the voter intimidation case was dismissed. According to Adams’s new book, Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department, “the fact that the future President of the United States shared a podium with leaders of the New Black Panthers, marched with them, and received a public, formal greeting from their party has vanished from the history of Obama’s campaign.”

If another presidential candidate had shared a podium, marched with, and received an endorsement from the KKK, it would justifiably be front page news and we would be seriously questioning the judgment of that candidate. If that candidate got elected and his administration then dismissed a lawsuit it had already won against the KKK, it would have led to serious consequences and serious questions being asked from the mainstream media.  So why, when the color of the racists is reversed, is such behavior ignored?

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