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Latest Poll on Immigration

“Overall, do you think legal immigrants do more to help the country or do more to hurt the country?” A question asked two weeks ago by ABC News. Answer: Helps: 59 percent. Hurts: 26 percent.

As for the question of your use of capital letters in a Corner debate with me when the first Bush immigration plan was floated in 2004, Derb — I remember it very well because I began to notice in the e-mails that followed that immigration restrictionists seemed rather committed to the same visual trope. It is possible that my memory is playing tricks on me, but I doubt it.

Whatever is the case, I hope all those who read the Corner and worry about illegal immigration but are not opposed to immigration in principle note that the leading exponents here of an anti-Bush line are unquestionably speaking in support of a no-immigration policy — and that the ideas undergirding their views have little to do with illegality and everything to do with a cultural idea about America that you might not agree with.

And that is my last word on this subject here. 


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