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The Latest Round of GOP Primary Polls are Great for Trump, Terrible for Everyone Else

A flurry of GOP primary polls have been released since Donald Trump’s victory in South Carolina, and aside from a poll showing Ted Cruz leading in his home state of Texas, the majority of the polls show the same thing — Trump leading, with GOP voters no closer to deciding on a principal competitor to Trump. Look at the numbers:

Ohio: Trump 31, Kasich 26, Cruz 21, Rubio 13, Carson 5

Texas: Cruz 37, Trump 29, Rubio 15, Kasich 5, Carson 4

Georgia: Trump 32, Rubio 23, Cruz 19, Kasich 8, Carson 8

Massachusetts: Trump 50(!), Rubio 16, Kasich 13, Cruz 10, Carson 2

North Carolina: Trump 36, Rubio 18, Cruz 18, Carson 10, Kasich 7

Illinois: Trump 28, Cruz 15, Rubio 14, Kasich 13, Carson 6

Utah: Rubio 24, Cruz 22, Trump 18, Carson 9, Kasich 4

New Mexico: Cruz 25, Trump 24,  Rubio 19, Carson 6, Kasich 4

Note that Kasich isn’t even winning his home state, yet he’s still in the race. Carson is polling no higher than 10 percent in any state, yet he’s still in the race. For now, everything is breaking Trump’s way. He has an extraordinarily loyal plurality following, and the rest of the GOP is simply too divided to stop him. Time is running out for the roughly 60 percent of Republican voters who reject Trump to decide on a single champion.


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