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Latest Rudy Numbers

Here’s Martin analysis of Gallup numbers:

Combining their nationwide poll results from surveys last month and this month, Gallup (via Political Wire) has yet more numbers testifying to Rudy’s strong position among Republican voters.

With Newt not included among the choices, Rudy leads McCain 49%-27% among self-identified moderate or liberal Republicans (Romney gets 3%).   Even more notable is that Giuliani’s lead doesn’t tail off that significantly among conservative Republicans.  He’s up on McCain 43%-21% among those on the right (Romney bumps to 11% with conservatives).

One last set of numbers helps explains things — fav/unfav.  Rudy’s at 80 fav/11 unfav among GOPers.   

Bottom line: Until he’s not defined by 9/11 those fav/unfav numbers probably don’t come down. 

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