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Here are some of the latest tweets from your favorite pundits:

jmartpolitico (Jonathan Martin):

Also on the way out: Nye in VA-02. He was the opposite of Perriello. Voted against party, avoided nat’l press. But no matter this yr.

philipaklein (Philip Klein):

Boucher voted against ObamaCare twice, and it didn’t save him.

@kathrynlopez (Kathryn Jean Lopez):

prediction, media will keep kicking around christine o’donnell

KevinNR (Kevin D. Williamson):

Not Christine O’Donnell! [Single tear rolls down cheek.] Give me a second to get over it. Okay, I’m over it.

kathrynlopez (Kathryn Jean Lopez):

i’m listening to eliot spitzer’s election night analysis. just noting. i can’t hear breitbart on abc but i can hear spitzer on cnn.

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