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Latin? Oh

“Derb—You *are* an Englishman. ‘Latino’ is pronounced ‘lah-TEEN-oh.’

Hearing ‘latin-o’ on today’s otherwise lovely ‘Radio Derb’ made me laugh out loud. Poor Derb.”

Don’t cry for me, Ma’am. I belong to the fine old English (and I thought, also American) school of thought that, as Orwell says somewhere, believes it is effeminate to pronounce foreign words correctly, unless you are actually speaking the language — and even then, it’s a bit suspect.

“Latino” is a “latin,” then an “o.” Latin-o. Whaddya want?

(On reflection, is “Latino” actually a word in Spanish? If so, is it autochthonous, or is it a loan-word from English? Just curious. (Did you know, by the way, that “loan-word” is a loan-word? From German_Lehnwort.))


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