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Laura on Burma

This is not the first time Mrs. Bush has spoken out on events in Myanmar. She had something to say when the military went after the monks, recently too.  I find it hard to believe that this is a First Lady making policy of her own, without approval from, say, the president. Obviously the state department has nothing to do with it – (not a negative) —  since their goal is, as we know, preserving stability no matter what the status quo. Among other things, first ladies – and second ladies — have frequently been sent to disaster scenes to offer sympathy and make the official presentation of a relief check. 

And another thing – this is a far more substantive and politically brave action that Mrs. Bush is taking than flying into Tuzla under fire – even if that had happened. Maybe I’m just soft on Mrs. Bush because she is so likeable, and the 20-odd year junta which has kept the country closed and impovershed is not. But my reaction is a hearty “You go, girl!”


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