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Laura Ingraham’s Story to Be Turned into Comic Book

Fox News contributor and conservative radio host Laura Ingraham’s life story will be the feature of an upcoming comic book. BlueWater Productions will release the publication as part of its “Female Force” series.

The comic will trace Ingraham’s career as a media personality as well as her time in the Reagan administration:

Born into a middle-class family, Laura Ingraham has become an American success story. Denounced by many early in her career as a bigot because of her deeply held Christian views, Ingraham has drawn strength from them to succeed at almost everything she’s tried. Whether as a speechwriter for Ronald Reagan, a best-selling author or host of a radio show listened to by millions, Ingraham has made her mark and become one of the most influential voices in America.

Arianna Huffington, Barbara Walters, and Ellen DeGeneres are among other media figures to have their own comic book in the “Female Force” series; politicians include Nancy Pelosi and Condoleezza Rice.

Via Politico.


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