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Laura Mocks Derb

From a reader who listened in on the Laura Ingraham show after I did my

guest spot: “What did I hear? She immediately started to MOCK you, using a

fake British accent, because you apparently declined to answer a question

she posed about whether it would take another catastrophe to propel a 3rd

party nomination from obscurity. I’ve never listened to her before and in

high dudgeon shall not do so again. She seems a remarkable pain in the arse

and somewhat petty as well (she also started going off on Bill O’Reilly

before I turned her off.) Treating the Derb like some piece of riffraff

cinema goon, indeed.”

Easy there, buddy. I didn’t hear the offending passage (& would appreciate

second opinions from anyone who did), but it is true that I havered on the

question of “Will it take another 9/11?” I just have a superstitious fear

of giving a straight answer to that particular question, so I evade it.

Radio talk-show hosts don’t like guests who evade questions, and I see their

point of view. For future encounters, I shall think up a graceful,

non-evasive way to evade that question. As for the mock British

accent–that’s just harmless fun, I don’t mind. Speaking generally,

American commentators & bloviators take themselves much too seriously, and I

am glad of a little light relief. (Though I now regard myself as having

license to poke some gentle fun at Laura on a future occasion.) Speaking of

taking oneself much too seriously… what was that about Bill O’Reilly?

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